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Stressed out? Here’s an unconventional cure…

Wonder why so many children today are anxious, unmotivated and stressed out?

Could it be that the opportunity for play is rapidly becoming extinct?

Every day in every way we are all about being productive and busy. Schools are increasingly  focused on academics and data collection (even in preschool!).

No one plays kick ball in the backyard or baseball on the corner lot anymore.

Team sports fill the “free time”  that isn’t spent in school.

Children are rushed from school to soccer practice to drama tryouts.  In between families squeeze in homework and drive through meals.

Let’s recapture the true art of play that has been lost.  There’s nothing like the playfulness of kittens chasing a ball to bring a smile to our lips and laughter to our hearts.

Set aside some time to simply play today.  Your inner child and your family will  be the better for it!

When was the last time that you simply played?  What did you do?  I’d love to hear in the comments section.

Do you have a child who is anticipating kindergarten in the fall?

Here’s a great book to relieve anxiety:

Wyatt the Wonder Dog Goes to Kindergarten

Wyatt has never liked change, at least not at first.  Once he tries something new, he usually finds he really likes it.  Now that he is about to begin kindergarten, Wyatt is really worried. Will he make friends?  Will he get lost in the new school?  Will he miss his mom?  Join Wyatt in his latest wonder-full adventure!


Wyatt the Wonder Dog: Goes to Kindergarten


Going to kindergarten is a milestone for everyone and the beginning of the year is usually filled with excitement and angst.  Wyatt the Wonder Dog addresses the typical concerns that most children have in a sweet and relatable way.  Kindergarten is really fun!!

~Laura Uszenski, Kindergarten Teacher