5 easy steps kids can learn to problem solve on their own

Your best friend won’t sit with you on the bus.

You want to watch your favorite show on tv but you have homework to do.

Your pesky brother “borrows” your favorite board game and loses some of the pieces.

For children and adults, life is full of problems…

The best thing parents and educators can teach–is how to problem solve.  

Even pre-schoolers can begin to think through problems and consider choices.

Here are 5 easy steps to solve any problem:

  •  Clarify the problem: “Your brother played with your game and some pieces are missing?”
  •  Encourage him to consider the options:  “What could he do to fix the problem?  If he looks for the missing pieces and can’t find them, what else would help?”
  •  Try a solution. “So you are going to help him look in the play room for the missing pieces?”
  • Evaluate the outcome: “So he found the pieces under the couch?  Is the problem solved or do we need to try something else?”
  • Review the lesson learned: “So in the future you are are going to put your game away instead leaving it out on the floor and your brother is going to ask permission before he plays with your toys?”

The advantage of teaching problem solving skills rather than fixing every problem is that we are empowering children for the future.

This Week’s Grab ‘n Go Lesson Plan for Busy Educators:

Want a great lesson to use in the classroom on problem solving?

Click here:  Making Smart Choices and Problem Solving.

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