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Brother shouting at sister sticking her tongue out

Friendship Troubles


Making new friends.

Handling  challenging situations.

Knowing when to move on…

What do you do when a friend wants to do something that is unkind, thoughtless, or involves breaking the rules?

What do you do when a friend is bossy, self-centered and treats you unkindly?

If a friend  treats you badly, is it okay to treat them the same way?

Relationships are messy and there are not always clear cut answers.

Problems = Opportunities

As adults we need to learn to welcome opportunities to help children navigate the murky waters of friendship.  The social skills that children learn (or don’t learn!) will serve them all their lives.  Everyone has a basic need to belong, to feel loved and cared for. Learning social skills at a young age will equip children in their adult years  to handle  the problems that arise in any friendship.

Look for opportunities to:

  • Teach children to  recognize their own self-worth. Kids who feel comfortable in their own skin are often the best at encouraging others to be their best selves as well.  By sharing with children your vision for their authentic and best self, you are empowering them to see themselves in their best light.
  • Teach children empathy.  Children who are  good at listening and observing other’s feelings make supportive and thoughtful friends.
  • Teach children to see friendship troubles as opportunities to learn and grow.  Too often we see conflict as something to be avoided or ignored rather than an opportunity to understand someone else’s perspective and develop a deeper relationship.


Grab ‘N Go Lesson Plan for Busy Educators: 

Friendship and Conflict Lesson Plan


Wyatt the Wonder Dog Learns about  Good Manners


 In this book, Wyatt learns what to say to a bossy friend and how to turn a challenging situation into an empowering one for both characters.  You can find the book here:  http://wyatthewonderdog.com/manners

Book Signing For Rescue Dog Hatch Is A Big Success

The book signing at Must Love Dogs Inc. to benefit Rescue dog Hatch was a huge success! Wyatt made the CBS Atlanta 6:00 news! Check out the

Or watch the video:



Pam and me signing those books!


Everyone got to meet Hatch, the sweetest dog in the world and hear Wyatt’s story. Thanks to Must Love Dogs Inc. for sponsoring the event. It was a great Saturday afternoon!

Wyatt Is Here!!!



What an amazing journey this has been! Publishing is definitely a different world and time has a different meaning to us all. After about five months of waiting for printing to occur, everything is finally completed and I have a box of shiny new books sitting in my office. It has been a thrill to share them with others. Just this week, I have begun reading the story in first grade classes and the reaction of the students is precious. They are amazed that I could actually get the words on the pages. Sometimes I am amazed at that as well.

You can order the book right here on this website by going to the products page!! Thank you Hayley, my virtual assistant and real daughter! You can also order the book on amazon.com or through the publisher, Outskirtspress.com. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed in any way and to all who have been so encouraging throughout the journey.

Wyatt and I Are Still Waiting…

wyatt 07

It’s been an eventful summer. I have attended a writing conference. I’ve networked with other authors, illustrators and school counselors. And I’ve waited… and waited… and waited… for Wyatt to be published. I knew getting published would be a journey…I didn’t however anticipate that it would be a journey to a foreign land where people speak another language and time has a different meaning. After much communication back and forth, much approving of proofs, more communication, more approving of proofs… well maybe you get the picture, my book is now being printed or so I understand. How long will this process take? The response I got was 4 weeks. That was about 10 days ago. I’ll let you know how it goes…

What I’ve Learned About Waiting

wyatt 15

It’s getting closer! I’ve received a couple of emails from the publisher that they have adjusted the color throughout the book and changed the color of the background on the cover. I’m nervous but hope everything will be fine. Soon they will be downloading the files to my author center and I can look at them. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we can move forward. There are a lot of reasons for my impatience. Not the least of which is that I have signed up to attend one of Dan Miller’s Write to the Bank seminars, and my hope was to have my book in hand when I go. Is this possible at this late date? I have my doubts since I don’t know how long it takes to produce the actual book and ship me some copies once it is approved.

Here’s what I’ve learned from this experience:

* Expect everything to take twice as long as you think it should.

* Just because I have a deadline, that doesn’t mean everyone else is operating on the same timetable.

* Publishing is a journey just like everything else in life.

* Make the most of all the down time by promoting the book in as many ways as possible.

As Dan Miller says, “Once you have the book published you have 10% of the work completed…”

I’ll keep you informed…

Do You Wonder Where Wyatt Is Now?

wyatt 02

Pam, the illustrator of Wyatt the Wonder Dog, and I are wondering where Wyatt is ourselves. Mostly though we are wondering what color Wyatt and his friends are going to be. Self-publishing is a new experience for both of us and there are some bumps in the road that we did not anticipate. The current issue that we are trying to resolve is the fact that when we looked at the proofs online, the color of the main charaters is off. Wyatt is orange rather than yellow and Max, his bossy friend, is more red than brown.

Waiting is hard at this point, but we are trying to make sure that the book is not average, but the best it can be. It is hard to balance our desire to see it finally in print, (no matter what!) with our desire to have it be excellent. Sooooo we are choosing the latter, but with great IMPATIENCE. Stay tuned. I promise it is coming.