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Behind the Scenes on Wyatt’s Newest Adventure



We are hard at work on the fourth Wyatt book, Wyatt the Wonder Dog Learns About Giving,  which is set around the Christmas season.  In this book, Wyatt learns the meaning of the word generosity.  It’s a very timely lesson for everyone!


Here we are hard at work on the layout and planning of the book.  Pam Gardner the illustrator has been busily creating some new illustrations.  We are all excited to see her latest interpretation of the story.  sampam

I’d love to share a preview of the book with you!  Click on the free book tab and download the latest version.  You can even listen to an audio file!

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Book Launch is September 30th

It’s been a busy week for Wyatt. On Friday, September 14th, we visited Sheltering Arms daycare and read Wyatt the Wonder Dog Learns About Good Manners to an energetic class of three year olds. After the story we all made Wyatt puppy dog ear headbands to wear. What a fun afternoon that was!

This week we’ve been preparing for Wyatt’s big book launch of his newest book:  Wyatt the Wonder Dog Goes to Kindergarten.  It’s one of his biggest adventures yet and we’re having a big book launch party at my house just to celebrate!  It’s going to be a birthday party too with cake and ice cream!  There will also be special Wyatt themed cookies for all the guests.  I hope to see you there.

If you can’t make the party there will still be special deals available for all our online friends.  For anyone purchasing a Wyatt book on September 30th right here on the Wyatt website, I will include an audio recording of the book.  Now you will be able to listen to the story while you look at the pictures!  Wyatt is super excited about this new addition to each of his books.  See you on the 30th!

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Helping Best Friends Be Their Best Self

I love books that combine a good story with a good lesson. It’s even better if the lesson can be summed up in one memorable sentence. The book Hunter’s Best Friend at School does all of the above and more. Written by Laura Malone Elliott and illustrated by Lynn Munsinger, it is the tale of two racoons who are best friends and want to do everything together and just alike. This doesn’t normally create problems, but when Stripe shows up at school in a mischief-making mood, Humter is faced with the choice of whether or not to follow along. He soon discovers that making the wrong choice not only means they are both in trouble, but also that he is not even happy with the results himself. When his mother discovers his dilemma, she teaches him a great life lesson when she says, “Sometimes being a best friend means you have to help your friend be his best self.” Children and adults alike could benefit from her wisdom…