Here’s the newest Wyatt adventure!  Does your child or student need some pointers on being organized and on time?  Wyatt sure does and he can help you find a way to be organized as well.  If you’ve ever missed the bus or lost your lunch money, you can identify with Wyatt”s dilemma!  Come join him on his latest ‘wonder-ful’ adventure as he learns how to schedule his time and organize his belongings for school.



Students who heard Wyatt last year are asking for more!  Here’s the email I received from Lynn Hughes, counselor at Ball Ground Elementary:

“I just finished up reading your book “Wyatt the Wonder Dog” with my Kindergarten students.  I just love it and so do the kids.  My first graders have already asked me this year if I can read it again.  They heard it a year ago, so it made an impression with them!”