Five Ways to Encourage Creativity in Kids

Wonder how to encourage children to be creative?

Do you find students are more and more dependent on adults and technology for inspiration and ideas?

Looking for ways to tap into every child’s creative spirit?

In the Success magazine article, Get Unstuck:  Seventeen Ways To Bring More Creativity into Your Daily Life and Work author, Keri Smith was asked if she had any good synonyms for the word ‘creative’ to which she replied, “Life, I try not to separate the two.”  Good advice!

Here are five ways to encourage creativity in  kids without breaking the bank:

  1. Play--Every kid (and adult) needs playtime.  Much of our modern day life tends to minimize free play with structured sports, classes and mindless television/videos. Free play is probably the number one way to nurture creativity.
  2. Thought experiments–Ask “What if questions… What if the sun were a ball of cheese? What if an arcade were made of boxes?”  Encourage children to ask themselves similar questions to develop imagination and the habit of invention.
  3. Try new things–read books on dramatically different topics, watch movies that are different from the norm, attend unique performances, try international food, travel somewhere new.  Teach children to expand their world and be inspired by the creativity of others.
  4. Do the opposite–change something about a routine, write/draw with the opposite hand, eat dinner for breakfast, consider a problem to be solved—what would be the opposite of success?  what creates failure?
  5. Pay attention to your dreams–some of history’s greatest innovations were products of dreams.  The search engine Google, came from a dream that Larry Page, co-founder had.  The book Frankenstein came originally from a dream of Mary Shelly. Discuss dreams and  challenge kids to write or draw out their dreams.

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