Change manic mornings to tranquil transitions

Mom, where’s my lunch money?

I can’t find my backpack!

What happened to my homework?  If the dog didn’t eat it who did?

Get in the car… Get.  in.  the.  CAR!

Did the school bus just go by?

Although back to school start dates may vary around the country, one thing that doesn’t vary is the manic morning rush to get everyone out of the house and off to school/ work on time. To change manic mornings to  tranquil transitions create a morning schedule that is congruent with your family’s style.  Not every personality style reacts well to a timed schedule and a stop watch mentality but you can create a school morning scenario that matches your family’s unique preferences.  Here’s how:

Seven tips for creating a stress free school morning

  1. Plan ahead by discussing as a family the goals that everyone has for the morning.  Be at school and work on time?  Eat a healthy breakfast?  Have a positive mindset? Have all the supplies you need for the day? Get everyone’s input to make sure everyone is clear on what is expected.
  2. Work backward from the time that you want to leave the house and develop a time frame that leaves adequate time for all the tasks to be done.  Post each child’s individual schedule and have a clock available so they can track their time.
  3. Plan ahead by getting things ready the night before.  Having a nightly routine that works is as important as having a morning routine.  Determine the tasks that need to be done the night before to prepare for the next day.  This can include having clothes laid out, having a backpack ready with homework and supplies, preparing lunch or breakfast ahead.
  4. Set a reasonable bedtime and stick with it to prevent sluggish and grumpy mornings.
  5. Leave yourself enough margin  to arrive on time.  The idea of margin is a good one. Plan for the necessary amount of time with some extra  time added in for unforeseen difficulties.
  6. Spend some quiet time in gratitude. Share a positive thought or word for the day.  Have a family devotion or prayer.  This is so different from the rushing-out-the-door, pop-tart-in-hand approach that often characterizes the morning routine.
  7. Send your child off with a positive affirmation that sets the tone for the day.  One example is: “Make it a great day for someone.”  Sharing a positive thought at the last good bye can create a positive mindset.

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