Monthly Archives: November 2011

Wyatt Joins Bound With Love Mission Team

Can you imagine learning in a classroom that looks like this?  Can you imagine learning Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Kiswahil with no textbooks?  Students at Kioni Generations High School in Kenya do just that.

When I first began writing and publishing the Wyatt series I knew that I wanted to use part of the profits from book sales to make a difference in the world in some way.  The Wyatt books are about empowering children to be super problem solvers and I was  looking for an ongoing mission that combined books, children and Wyatt in some way.  One Sunday last month while listening to my friend Beth Garrett present a slide show about her summer mission trip to Africa and her passion to raise money for textbooks for the Kioni school that she visited, I was suddenly inspired.  I can’t think of a better cause than funding textbooks for students, especially students who are so passionate about learning that they overcome the amazing odds that these students do!  Not only do they travel great distances from their homes to attend school but they learn in a bare classroom with no electricity and no textbooks!  Even the teacher does not have a teacher’s guide. Every time you purchase a Wyatt book, you will be helping these committed students as they accomplish their dream of overcoming extreme poverty through  education.

To read more about the Kioni school visit the Bound with Love page.