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Lynne Watts and Elijah

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I’m Working on Wyatt’s Newest Adventure and I Need Your Help!

photoIt’s  2014 and I’m already working on Wyatt’s newest adventure.  I’m really excited about this one.  I’m going to give you a few hints:  Wyatt’s at the beach, there are some new characters you haven’t met before and Wyatt is disappointed at trying and failing to make a team.  I hope like Wyatt you are wondering what happens next…

Follow along behind the scenes as I create the next Wyatt adventure and lesson.  I will be sharing the story and illustrations as we develop them with a select group of insiders.  I’ll also be asking for input and opinions on everything from the title to the bonuses. Click on the link below to sign up and and I’ll be in touch soon with the first draft of the book:

Merry Christmas from Wyatt and Lynne


Merry Christmas


Wyatt and Lynne

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the land,

Wyatt and friends were feeling quite grand.

They’d learned quite a bit about its meaning you see–

For the Spirit of Christmas is generosity.

Wyatt used to think Christmas was all about things,

Presents and toys, electronics that ding.

But now he knows Christmas is giving and sharing,

It’s not about getting, but helping and caring.

So Wyatt wishes you a Christmas of love,

One filled full of joy and grace from above!!

Wyatt Hosts a Christmas Open House

Wyatt’s latest book is all about giving and generosity and what better way to share his latest adventure than hosting an open house with his young readers? 

Santa was the first to drop by and he listened to all the wishes from the children.

Santa and Carleigh and Juliet


 Neil Scott-Barbour entertained with a special reading of the story.

Neil and Santa

Neil reading

Even Lacey the therapy dog dropped by for a visit. 


Lacey was in dog heaven with all the attention!

Thanks to all our guests for making it an extra special WONDER-FULL DAY!!

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